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This month in Real Estate! September 2011

As we all know the condo market in Chicago, can be quite tricky when looking for financing.  Here are 10 Things that you should consider before purchasing a condo:

1.        How much are the monthly condo association fee’s and what do they cover?

2.       What are the specific rules of the condo? Will they allow you to rent the condo out in the future if you decide to purchase a Single Family residence? Do they allow pets?

3.       How much does the association have in reserves?  This is important to know if any unexpected costs come up.  Let’s say there is a wind storm.  Do they have enough reserves to quickly replace a torn off roof or do they need to call a special meeting and get everyone to agree on special assessments before they can proceed?

4.       Are there any contemplated special assessments in the near future?

5.       How is the association managed? Professionally or self?

6.       Is there any pending litigation? If so, what is it?

7.       How many of the units are actually owner occupied vs. investor owned? This could be huge when looking at financing options.

8.       What’s the association fee delinquency rate?  If there is a substantial amount of delinquent fee’s there could be a potential issue with foreclosures to come.

9.       Do you own certain common areas, ie., parking spaces, decks, storage spaces, or are they yours to use?

10.   What does the master insurance policy cover?  Each condo association must have a Master insurance policy, this is good to know, so that you know what your personal insurance policy should cover.


The ultimate book-lover’s home.

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My oldest son would be in heaven here………


Dying, DYING for a kitchen with sleek black cabinets and marble.

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We can’t make fear go away, we just need to teach it to fly in formation.


In the past, I had issues with trusting people who didn’t deserve to be trusted. WE ARE ALL GUILTY OF IT. You let someone in - tell them your secrets, hopes, dreams, fears and they could care less. You were just a time killer for them until they found someone else with low self-esteem to play…

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